Florists: The Merchant of Emotion

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Florists: The Merchants of Emotion

J’Adore Flowers and Gifts is the premier florist in the Cairns area. We offer same-day delivery services in the local area from Palm Cove to Gordonvale. Jean runs J’Adore Flowers and Gifts, a locally owned and operated business. She has had a passion for flowers and floral arrangements ever since she was young. With J’Adore, she gets to channel her love in a way that positively impacts the lives of her customers every single day.

Local Cairns Florist

If you would like to send flowers to a loved one, friend or colleague in Cairns and surrounding communities, J’Adore Flowers and Gifts can help. We offer affordably priced delivery services and we can design bouquets and flowers that are a perfect match for the occasion.

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J'Adore Flowers


Conveniently located in Cairns, J’Adore Flowers and Gifts is open six days a week. We also do Sunday deliveries if there is a prior arrangement.

Floral Arrangements

Unsure about whether to choose a bouquet or an arrangement, come into our shop and we can help you decide which option is best. We can craft a floral arrangement based on your requirements or create one of our choosing.

Special Occasions

We sell flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements that are perfect for occasions such as an anniversary, mother’s day, birthdays, work celebrations, milestones, corporate events, hospital visits, apologies, funerals and more.

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Spoilt For Choice

We only sell the freshest flowers that are sent to us the same day. With the most extensive collection of flowers in the region, you can come to us for all the seasonal varieties you love the most. Whether you would like to create a floral arrangement for a funeral or want to celebrate an anniversary with a beautiful bouquet, we will create the perfect arrangement.