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Special Occasion Flowers & Bouquets in Cairns

Occasion - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD

Flowers for Every Occasion

At J’Adore Flowers and Gifts we sell flowers that are a perfect fit for any occasion. Throughout the year there are many special days to commemorate with a bouquet or floral arrangements. Personal milestones are the perfect occasions to celebrate with flowers. We sell flowers and create made-to-order arrangements for events such as anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, mother’s day, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Valentine’s Day, celebrations, accomplishments, apologies, illnesses, commitments, romantic milestones and more.

Valentine’s Day

If you’re in a romantic relationship, you will not want to ignore Valentine’s Day. Aside from getting your spouse a thoughtful and personal gift, there is nothing that says you care about them more than a bouquet. If you know their favourite combinations of flowers, the impact and appreciation will be doubled. We can help you create the perfect made-to-order bouquet that your partner or spouse will love on Valentine’s Day. Our delivery service ensures that you can have it sent to the address of your choice for Valentine’s Day or you can pick up the bouquet at our shop.
Occasion - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD
Occasion - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD


Whether for a friend, family member or colleague, a funeral is always a sombre occasion. Flowers are a critical part of funeral traditions in the Cairns area, flowers can say what you can’t find the words for.

If you are attending a funeral, wake or reception at someone’s home, you may want to take a small bouquet with you. In other situations you may want to send a floral arrangement to the address of a person who has recently lost a loved one.

Thank You & I’m Sorry Flowers

Not every bouquet you create is for a milestone event. Maybe you would like to convey your thanks or apology to someone. It could be a family member, spouse, partner, friend or colleague. If you wish to say thank you or apologise, sending flowers can be a very thoughtful way to show that you care.
Occasion - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD
Occasion - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD

Christmas, New Year and Other Holidays

Sending flowers to those you care about at Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and other holidays is a time honoured tradition in Australia. J’Adore Flowers and Gifts can make sure those you love get the flowers you’ve chosen for them for the occasion, even if your loved ones are not in the same city. You can arrange delivery so they receive the flowers on the day in question!