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Flower Arrangement in Cairns - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD

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At J’Adore Flowers and Gifts we are well aware of the importance placed on floral arrangements in Cairns and other parts of Australia. Flowers are such a critical element of our society, we use them to express our grief, sympathy, sorrow, love, commitment and respect. We take great pride in creating the perfect floral arrangements for any occasion.

One of the most magical ways to enhance the natural beauty of flowers is by placing them in an arrangement. These arrangements are more than just collections of flowers – they use artistic expression using colour, ambience or tone.

Whether it’s a floral arrangement for your dining table at home, conference room at work or a special occasion such as a wedding or funeral, these combinations of flowers are so important. When you want to invest in a beautiful and cherished arrangement in Cairns, J’Adore Flowers and Gifts will create it for you.

Origins of Floral Arrangements

Did you know that floral arrangements first originated in China? Ancient Chinese cultures used water in a container of cut flowers in homes and other locations. In Japan they cut flowers and other foliage, arranging them colourfully and beautifully according to the art of placement.

Floral arrangements have so many different aspects to them. Each aspect must be perfected to make sure the result is beautiful and classy. These principles include the design, balance of flowers, symmetry, scale, rhythm, emphasis and harmony. We take each factor into account when putting together a floral arrangement.

For instance, we must ensure that both sides of the arrangement are in symmetry, both concerning the structure of the flowers and their colours. While an asymmetrical arrangement can have a place in specific instances, most of our customers prefer perfect symmetry.

Flower Arrangement in Cairns - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD
Flower Arrangement in Cairns - J'Adore Flowers & Gifts Pty Ltd in Eanrville, QLD

Buying from J’Adore in Cairns

There are many different kinds of floral arrangements you can choose from J’Adore, for pickup or delivery. We can put together a floral arrangement based on a photograph or video you show us. You can also describe how you would like it to long and which flowers you would like us to use.

The other option is to trust us to create the perfect arrangement based on the occasion and any other information you provide. For instance, you may come into our store and tell us you would like to buy a custom floral arrangement to celebrate your anniversary. Once we know your spouse’s tastes, the aesthetic of the room where the flowers will sit and any other relevant details, we’ll use this information to create the perfect floral arrangement!

Call, email, order through our website or stop by J’Adore in Cairns for the best floral arrangements in the area.